Joshua C. Eyer, PhD

Assistant ProfessorAssistant Professor


Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Clinical Psychology, 2012
M.S., University of South Alabama, Applied Psychology, 2006
B.A., University of Virginia, Psychology, 2003

Professional Training
NIH 13th Summer Institute on Randomized Behavioral Clinical Trials, 2013
Postdoctoral Fellowship (2 years), University of Alabama, Psychology, 2013
Clinical Internship, Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, 2011

A native of Virginia with time spent in North Carolina, Alabama, and France, Dr. Eyer comes to the Capstone College of Nursing most directly from the Department of Psychology at the University of Alabama. A clinical health psychologist, his clinical and academic focus is on the study of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors associated with chronic illness, particularly chronic pain conditions. His research occurs in several domains. He has special professional expertise in clinical trial methodology, data analytic approaches, grantwriting, and manuscript preparation. He teaches psychology- and research-related courses at the Capstone College of Nursing (e.g., NUR 328: Evidence-Based Nursing), consults often with nursing faculty about their research designs and grant proposals, and engages in college-level and national service activities.

An early-career psychologist, Dr. Eyer’s recent research focuses on behavioral interventions with chronic illness and other projects. Prior to arriving at the CCN, he acted as Project Coordinator on a three-year clinical trial of two behavioral interventions for chronic pain based at a federally qualified health center in West Alabama. Duties and achievements on this project included primary authorship of the grant proposal, contributions to the study design, responsibility for day-to-day activities, assistance with revision of the treatment workbooks, and primary authorship of the study protocol. Other research collaborations include consultation on a number of projects at the CCN and elsewhere, often as a methodological or statistical consultant. Currently, Dr. Eyer is seeking to develop a program of EEG/ERP research into the cognitive performance deficits of individuals with chronic pain and pain medication.

Dr. Eyer engages in several other professional activities at the CCN. As a teacher, he brings his psychological and research expertise to the training of nursing students. Service activities include working on a number of college committees related to graduate and undergraduate teaching, interprofessional education, and program review; collegewide service in organizations such as Capstone Alliance; and community service with organizations such as the Red Cross and many arts and music groups and activities. Dr. Eyer is also very active with his national professional organization, the Society for Health Psychology, serving in several leadership positions.

Research Interests:

Clinical Trial Methodology
• Application of best practices in clinical trials: methodology, measurement, & dissemination
• Community-based participatory research
• Patient-centered outcomes

Chronic Illness (Chronic Pain)
• Behavioral treatment
• Education
• Literacy adaptation
• Cultural centering of behavioral interventions

Event-Related Potentials and Mental Health
• Neurological correlates of clinical constructs
• Neurological activity related to clinical interventions
• Cognitive impacts of chronic illness