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Research Colloquia Series Recordings

Ashley Greene – All of Us Data Research Center – 09-01-2021


Dr. Sara Kaylor and Isabel Allen – Eating Habits, Behaviors, and Motivations of Generation Z Females 4.22.21

Dr. Josh Eyer – Reducing Health Disparities for Trans, Nonbinary, and Gender Diverse People: Current Projects – 03.23.21

University Libraries – Avoiding Predatory Journals, Publishers, and Conferences – 03.04.21

Dr. Mercy Ngosa Mumba – Demystifying the NIH Proposal Development & Submission Process – Part 1/4 – 2.2.21

Dr. Mercy Ngosa Mumba – Demystifying the NIH Proposal Development & Submission Process – Part 2/4 – 03.1.21

Dr. Mercy Ngosa Mumba – Demystifying the NIH Proposal Development & Submission Process – Part 3/4 – 03.29.21

Dr. Mercy Ngosa Mumba – Demystifying the NIH Proposal Development & Submission Process – Part 4/4 – 04.19.21

Dr. Kelsey Mayo – All of Us Workbench 1.1.21

Ethical Considerations When Caring for Unconscious Transgender Patients 12.1.20

Dr. Heather Carter-Templeton 10.27.20

Dr. Mudasir Andrabi 10.15.20

Dr. Kimberly Wilson 9.29.20

Dr. Josh Eyer 9.17.20

GROW ECHO Project – CCN Colloquium

Alex McDiarmid 9.1.20


Graduate Research Assistants available to support faculty research during fall semester, 2021. 

Francisco Marquez is a first-year student in the Clinical Health Psychology program at the University of Alabama. He has particular expertise in descriptive statistics, data cleaning, data visualization, non-parametric and parametric hypothesis testing, and generalized linear models (e.g., linear, Poisson, and logistic regression). He has a basic expertise in missing data imputation, basic mediation analysis, and proportional hazards models.

Mondays and Fridays: 9am – 12pm; Tuesdays: 8am – 12pm


Alex McDiarmid will be graduating from his social psychology Ph.D. program in December 2021. His research covers topics such as: biases in the degree to which people are persuaded by scientific evidence, and intergroup conflict associated with religious belief and disbelief. As a statistician, Alex specializes in power analysis (in general), regression, and is in the process of specializing in multilevel modeling. He is also proficient in analyses with categorical dependent variables, t-tests, ANOVA, and equivalence testing.

Mondays and Wednesdays: 1 – 4pm; Thursdays: 1 – 3pm

For faculty to access the services of the GRAs, you can find them in CCN Room 3103, during their work hours.



The Office of Scholarly Affairs at the Capstone College of Nursing supports all externally and internally grant submissions and reports directly to the Dean of Nursing. On this website you will find information on current research projects as well as resources to support and facilitate these activities.

Mission and Vision

The Office of Scholarly Affairs supports the overall Mission of the Capstone College of Nursing to promote the health and well-being of the people of the State of Alabama, the nation, and the world through nursing education, research, scholarship, and service and its Vision to be nationally recognized as an innovative and inclusive environment for transforming nursing education, research, scholarship, and service.

Provided Services 

  • Develop/support faculty in developing all stages of research, including developing a research trajectory and designing and funding research and service projects
  • Oversee and support grant proposal development and submission
  • Review drafts during preparation and submission of proposals for research, training and program grants
  • Provide support for manuscript preparation and submission for publication
  • Provide faculty, staff and students with current information regarding funding opportunities, priorities, deadlines, and so forth from federal agencies and foundations
  • Ensure resources and information are provided for manuscript writing tools and resources
  • Develop and provide organized professional development activities regarding research and grant development based on identified needs
  • Seek opportunities for collaboration with other individuals, departments, colleges or institutions and communities relative to research or grants
  • Provide reports about scholarly accomplishments
  • Support faculty and staff with managing grants and contracts and their budgets
  • Advocate on behalf of faculty and staff with central administration regarding grant and/or research related activity
  • liaison and administrative support for IRB submission
  • Other activities as needed!

Please contact us with any questions you might have or if there is anything we can help you with to submit your grant application successfully. Contact details can be found here.