• Who is eligible: Students with a current UA GPA of 3.0 from Fall semester 2018, and currently enrolled in Semester III or IV.
  • Who should not apply: Students who have commitments that limit their participation in the full eight weeks of the internship including weekends (e.g.: vacations, participation in weddings, or participation in other courses that cause scheduling conflicts).
  • Dates: Summer term dates: May 29th – August 2nd. Classes for Fall 2019 start:  August 21st
  • Days of the week: Variable by internship location. Can include Monday – Sunday. The schedule should be available by May 3rd.
  • Locations: Tuscaloosa and Birmingham hospitals.
  • Internship job description: Work in healthcare setting under the supervision of faculty and clinical agency nursing staff. You will gain additional clinical experience in all aspects of nursing care.
  • Cost: You must be registered as a student for academic credit or co-op credit hours.
  • Co-op cost: Not available yet, but last summer semester cost was $264.00.  You will register for PNU 317.  This will give you 12 hours of co-op credit.  Grade is recorded as Pass/Fail.
  • Academic Credit: Standard summer tuition rates are applied. These are subject to change. Students must check for updates with UA website.  Students have the option of applying for Academic credit for NUR 312 for 1, 2, or 3 hours. This option requires additional course work and letter grades are obtained according to set criteria.
  • Fees: Additional nursing college fees per undergraduate hour are applied.
  • Paid Positions: 36 clock hours per week as nursing student intern at $12.00 per hour.
  • Unpaid Positions: 24 clock hours per week as nursing student intern without compensation.
  • Regardless if students are offered Paid or Unpaid positions, all student interns MUST register for the summer internship class (Either PNU 317 or NUR 312).
  • Position Offers:  Positions are offered as soon as they are available, but it could take until May 3rd before position is offered.
  • Transportation to and from Birmingham:  Sometimes, the internship provides a state vehicle and gas for students who commute to Birmingham. 

Applications will be available on the web until March 14, 2019 @ 4:30 pm CDT.

Additional questions? Contact  Dr. Estes at sestes@ua.edu