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Dr. Megan Pfitzinger Lippe has been a registered nurse since 2009, and earned her BSN, MSN, and PhD degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. Her nursing practice experience is in adult and cardiovascular critical care nursing. She has taught undergraduate nursing students since 2011, and was the recipient of the Texas Exes Teaching Award from the University of Texas during her first year of teaching.

Dr. Lippe’s area of research focuses on palliative and end-of-life care education. She is the co-lead of a research team evaluating implementation and learning outcomes for the End of Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) Undergraduate Curriculum. She has developed and tested multiple high-fidelity simulations. Dr. Lippe has published works in areas related to palliative care education, instrument development, simulation, and social justice. Dr. Lippe has conducted multiple funded studies ($100,000 total) and several unfunded studies in progress.

Dr. Lippe is a member of several nursing organizations, including STTI, HPNA, and NLN. She holds multiple leadership roles. Within Sigma Nursing Society, she chairs the International Conference Planning Task Force, serves on the Charter Review Task Force, is President Elect of the Epsilon Omega chapter, and is Past President of the Epsilon Theta chapter. She was the featured STTI leader in the September 2015 STTI Chapter Leader Emphasis, blog author for several Sigma events, and her worked helped earn the Epsilon Theta chapter the Chapter Key Award in 2015 and 2017. Within HPNA, Dr. Lippe is the Education SIG Co-Chair and serves on the Residency Council and Conference Scholarship committees.

Dr. Lippe is married to her high school sweetheart, William, and they have two children together. She is thankful for her family’s ongoing love and support in her academic and scholastic endeavors.

Refereed Journal Articles (published or in press, * denotes student authors):


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RESEARCH GRANTS completed or in progress (funded):

Lippe, M. (Co-PI) & Davis, A. (Co-PI). (2018-present). Development of an Instrument to Measure Palliative Care Competence in Undergraduate Nursing Students. National League for Nursing Dorothy Otto Research Award. $24947; IRB # 18-02-992

Jeffers, S. (Co-PI) & Lippe, M. (Co-I). (2018-present). The Impact of ELNEC Undergraduate Communication Module on Student Self-Efficacy: A Simulation Study. Sigma Theta Tau International Eta Beta Chapter Grant. $500

Lippe, M. (PI) (2017-2019) Withdrawing Care for an Unexpectedly Ill Patient: Interprofessional Simulations. Research Grants Committee, University of Alabama. $5937; IRB #17-OR-196-ME


Lippe, M. (PI) (2017-2018). End of Life Education within Baccalaureate Programs: A Feasibility Study Assessing Nursing Curricula. Sigma Theta Tau International Epsilon Omega Chapter Grant, University of Alabama. $500; IRB #17-OR-176


Goodgame, B. (PI), Pfitzinger Lippe, M.(CO-I), Jones, B. (CO-I) (2014-2017). Communicating Oncologic Prognosis with Empathy Study. Seton Family of Hospitals: $1100


PROGRAM GRANTS completed or in progress (funded):

Kaylor, S. (Co-PI), Lippe, M. (Co-PI), & Woods, A. (Co-PI). (2018-present). Innovation, Integration, and Active Learning: A Journey into Curricula Redesign. (Program Grant). University of Alabama Project Rising Tide Retention and Student Success Initiative Course Innovation 2018 Program: $2000 pre-proposal funding and $60000 full proposal.

Lippe, M. Learning in Action Fellowship (Fellowship). (2018-present). University of Alabama Learning in Action Fellowship Spring 2018 cohort: $1000 for professional development and $1000 for resources awarded November 2017.


RESEARCH completed or in progress (without funding):

Kaylor, S. (Co-PI) & Lippe, M. (Co-PI). (2018-present) Connecting the Dots: Nursing Students Perspectives of their First Simulation Experience Connecting Content from Three Courses (IRB # 17-12-778)

Mazanec, P., (PI), Lippe, M., (Co-PI), & Davis, A. (Co-PI). (2017-present). ELNEC Undergraduate Curriculum Evaluation

Lippe, M. (PI) & Davis, A. (2017-present) Longitudinal Evaluation of Implementing an Online Palliative and End of Life Care Modules (ELNEC) in Prelicensure Nursing Education (IRB # 17-09-574).        

Lippe, M. (PI) & Davis, A.  (2016-2018). Development and Testing of ELNEC-Undergraduate Palliative Care Knowledge Quiz. (IRB # 17-OR-177)

Lippe, M. (PI) (2017-2018) Evaluating the Impact of End-of-Life Simulations on Students’ Emotional Perceptions and Perceived Competence in Caring for Dying Patients (IRB #17-OR-025-ME)

Pfitzinger Lippe, M. (PI) (2015-2016). Evaluating Baccalaureate Curriculum End-of-Life Care Content based upon End of Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) Guidelines

Completed dissertation study