Deloris Gayle Fields: InstructorInstructor

Dr. Deloris Gayle Fields was appointed as clinical instructor at the Capstone College of Nursing at The University of Alabama in January 2020. Before arriving Dr. Fields was clinical faculty working with Austin Community College. Dr. Fields also worked with Concordia University as Course Lab lead for Fundamentals and Simulation Coordinator in the ABSN program. While at Chamberlain University, Dr. Fields worked in Fundamentals as Coordinator, Adult Health coordinator and Clinical mentor to many new faculty assisting with new faculty onboarding.

Dr. Fields began her nursing career as an LPN. She received her Associates Degree, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees all from the University of Mobil and her DNP from Chamberlain University. Dr. Fields knew from the beginning of her career that she would be teaching someday. Her focus is on student success and she promotes that by aligning herself with educators and institutions who have a vision for successful nursing students. Dr. Fields specialty focus is in Adult Health and Orthopedic nursing.

Dr. Fields throughout her nursing career has had 200-400 clinical groups ranging from beginning students to senior students. She has extensive experience in remediation with students at every level of nursing. Dr. Fields has taught and developed courses across traditional and accelerated bachelor programs. Dr. Fields while at the University of Chamberlain co-chaired the Adult Health program and assisted in the reorganization of all testing and teaching material.

Dr. Fields over her 35+ year career has worked closely with patients and their families in acute care, home health, and hospital settings to promote caring, compassion and healing. This work influenced Dr. Fields while at the University of Mobile to focus her research on nurses. While doing research for her doctoral degree at University of Chamberlain Dr. Fields focused on nurses who were working in LTC. This research helped to provide a venue for awareness of needs of nurses working in LTC. To enhance this work Dr. Fields is a Daisy Award nominee, a member of NLN, and Nursing Honor Society- Sigma Theta Tau.