Dr. Delois Hughes Skipwith Guy

Dr. Delois Hughes Skipwith Guy has dedicated her career and academic pursuits to compassionate service for those who need it most. Her legacy of caring for our elderly, those with degenerative diseases, and others with life-altering conditions epitomizes the best of nursing. Delois began her nursing career in Tuscaloosa at Druid City Hospital (DCH) and held other positions in Tuscaloosa, Tuskegee, and Birmingham.  In 1969, her professional journey led her to The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing.  Overcoming barriers she became their first African-American faculty member and first tenure-track professor. With a wealth of knowledge in gerontology and mental health, Delois was able to effectively carry her passions forward into the next generation.  She positively affected everyone around her, often mentoring and nurturing students and others to pursue excellence through service.  During her twenty-six year career as a nursing educator, she served as a department chair, professor, assistant professor, instructor, and research scientist.  Delois has published extensively, merging her brilliant mind with practical experience.  She designed innovative and educational programs that were the first of their kind.  Described as a national leader in research dealing with aging and the elderly, she actively continues her work, showing an earnest desire to improve the quality of life for others.  Delois is a selfless advocate and whole-hearted champion for the field of nursing.