We are here to help you with the complicated process of preparing a grant proposal. The following steps will guide you through the application process. If you have any questions during the whole process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Explore some great resources to find adequate funding opportunities for your research here: Finding Funding.

Record your details here: Proposal Information (Completing this survey will trigger the entry of information into Cayuse for routing the IPF)

Report your details here as soon as a decision is made by your funder: Proposal Status

How do I let the Office of Scholarly Affairs know about my proposal?

Under Proposal Development on the Research tab of CCN’s website, there is a link to let our office know when you are looking to submit a proposal. This can be used to request services from OSA as well.  https://nursing.ua.edu/research/proposal-development/

What should I do when I hear the status of my proposal?

Under Proposal Development on the Research tab of CCN’s website, there is a link to notify OSA when the status of your submission changes. https://nursing.ua.edu/research/proposal-development/

When is the proposal due to Lauren Calhoun to be entered in Cayuse?

The proposal is due, in order to be completely approved in Cayuse, 5 business days prior to the sponsor deadline. However, that information is due to Lauren Calhoun 9 business days prior to the sponsor deadline so there is time for her to enter information for faculty and then time for all the various investigators, department chairs, and deans to review and certify.

How do I create an IPF in Cayuse to be compliant with University review?

Lauren Calhoun will create the IPF for you. Just complete the survey under Proposal Development on the Research tab of CCN’s website to provide the information needed. Then, look for the email you will receive from Cayuse so you may certify the IPF. https://nursing.ua.edu/research/proposal-development/

Is Proposal Discussion & Review Group (PDG) required?

Yes, PDG review is required for all internal and external proposal submitted through CCN. If you are on a proposal submitted outside the College, you can still go through PDG if you would like. However, if your effort on a proposal submitted outside the College is 10% or greater, PDG review is required.

How do I create a budget?

OSA provides budget resources and consultations. Contact Lauren Calhoun to set up an appointment. Budget resources are available at https://alabama.app.box.com/s/yfgmxuz6s75m43e45illb6zr0a8jshs0/folder/127202119568.

How do I request statistical help?

Reach out to us early! We want to help you! Please fill out the survey below.

Statistical Support

How do I request Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) help?

GRAs are available to help faculty with various research needs. There is a link to request GRA assistance at https://nursing.ua.edu/research/contacts-resources/.

Where should I look for funding opportunities?

OSA lists several funding sources on the website at https://nursing.ua.edu/research/find-funding-2/. Lauren Calhoun also sends a weekly Funding Opportunity Digest. Contact Lauren Calhoun if you do not receive this funding opportunity email.

Policies and Regulations

In order to conduct ethical and responsible research every PI and his/her team has to follow policies and regulations. Learn more about federal guidelines, OSP policies, and research compliance at: Policies & Regulations.

Quick Facts and Boiler Plates

The University of Alabama Quick Facts sheet and boiler plates includes vital information (institutional DUNS number, Human Subjects assurance number, Institutional Signing Official contact information etc.) for your grant application package. Find theses at Quick Facts & Boiler Plates.

Grant Writing

Writing a grant application is not an easy task. A well-thought through idea is needed together with attention to detail.

Helpful Guides

In our office we have a several grant writing guides available for our faculty and new researches to borrow in order to help them with the task of writing a successful grant application. Please contact our office if you would like to borrow one of the following guides:

“The “How To” Grants Manual – Successful Grantseeking Techniques for Obtaining Public and Private Grants” 8th Ed. by David G. Bauer
“The Grant Application Writer’s Workbook” by Stephen W. Russell and David C. Morrison – NIH Version
“The Complete Book of Grant Writing” by Nancy Burke Smith & E. Gabriel Works
“Grant Development Solutions Training Program” by Brett Naftzger
Qualitative Inquiry & Research Design – Choosing Among Five Approaches 3rd Edition by John W. Creswell
“Writing Remedies – Practical Exercises for Technical Writing” by Edmond H. Weiss
“Encyclopedia of Nursing Research” by Joyce J. Fitzpatrick
“The Writer’s Workbook – Health Professionals Guide to Getting Published” by Shirley H. Fondiller
“From Proposal to Publication – An Informal Guide to Writing about Nursing Research” by Elizabeth M. Tornquist
“Writing Strategies – Reaching Diverse Audiences” by Laurel Richardson
“SBIR/STTR Phase I Proposal Preparation Workshop” by Jim Greenwood