Dr. Sara Barger

Sara Barger’s dedication to the profession of nursing spans 45 years. In Public Health and Academic settings she worked tirelessly to improve the quality of health care delivery.  As administrator, educator and leader she touched the lives of many.  A role model, Sara showed that one could accomplish any goal if willing to work hard enough.  As a result of her limitless energy, she brought nursing education front and center at the University of Alabama.  As Dean of the Capstone College of Nursing her leadership propelled the college to a higher level of excellence than ever in their history.  There was unprecedented growth and prosperity with increased enrollments, completion of a state-of-the-art facility, new degree programs and national prominence.  Ever the visionary, Sara established the first Nursing Board of Visitors at the University of Alabama. She brought together a unique mix of individuals ensuring that nursing education would meet the needs of the populations served. She was a pioneer in the area of nursing managed clinics, leading the efforts to decrease barriers for the disadvantaged. Sara understood the value of personal connections with those served and was always ready to go the extra mile to defend what she believed. Her commitment to excellence is unceasing and her impact on nursing education is felt across the country.   Sara has garnered numerous honors and awards, but her most notable accomplishment is the effect her influence will have on nursing education for many generations to come. There is no challenge too great for Sara Barger if it means nursing will come out the winner.