Dr. James L. Raper

James L. Raper has influenced the care of patients with HIV/AIDS like no other nurse in Alabama.  Moreover, he has set the standard of care for treatment of those whose illness often leads to discrimination and misunderstanding.  Through his clinical practice and research endeavors, Dr. Raper combines the science and compassion of care for patients with HIV/AIDS.  He holds the academic ranks of Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Alabama School of Medicine; Associate Professor of Nursing, University of Alabama School of Nursing at UAB; and Scientist, UAB Center for AIDS Research.  As Director and Nurse Practitioner in the 1917 HIV and Infectious Disease, Research and Dental clinics at UAB, Dr. Raper became the first nurse to be named Director of a UAB Clinic.  He also has the distinction of being the first and only nurse appointed to faculty in the UA School of Medicine at UAB.  His extensive list of publications demonstrates the highest level of scholarly achievement.  He lectures to medical students, physicians, nurses, public health students, and serves as a mentor to nurse practitioner and physician assistant students.   He helped establish HIV as a nursing specialty through the American Nurses Association and is presently assisting with the development of a master’s advanced practice nursing specialty in HIV/AIDS at the University of Alabama School of Nursing at UAB.  In 2000 he spearheaded the founding of the American Academy of Men in Nursing Foundation.  He has served as President of the Alabama Board of Nursing and member of the Joint Committee for Advanced Practice Nursing.  Honors include the AIDS Alabama Medical Provider of the Year and the first Alabama nurse practitioner to be inducted as a fellow in the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. Dr. Raper exemplifies commitment to advancing health care of Alabama’s residents while improving nursing practice for Alabama’s nurses.