Dr. Janet Awtrey

Janet Awtrey’s service to nursing spanned four decades and included patient care at University Hospital, teaching  at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), and nursing education administration at the Capstone College of Nursing where she served as Associate Dean and Dean.  Dr. Awtrey assumed a leadership role in numerous professional groups during her tenure as Dean.  She was active in her effort to move the nursing profession forward, as evidenced by her tenure on the Alabama Board of Nursing and her role as president of the Alabama Nurses Association.  Under her direction, the Capstone College of Nursing became known as a leader among divisions on campus and the modified outreach graduate program with the UAB School of Nursing grew, making graduate education accessible to many nurses in the West Alabama region.  She was recognized by the faculty of the Capstone College of Nursing prior to her retirement with the establishment of the Janet S. Awtrey Distinguished Nurse Leader Award, an annual award to the individual who exemplifies stellar professionalism and leadership.  Dr. Awtrey early on established her philosophical hallmarks of a good administrator:  “mutual respect between the administrator and faculty; mutual concern for the achievement of the goals of the college and the mission of the university; mutual trust; and a healthy balance between intenseness and humor”.  Faculty, staff, and students all agreed upon her retirement that she had been successful.  It was said that Dr. Awtrey led the College with knowledge, skill, grace, and humor, showing an unwavering ability to use supportive leadership style to effect change.  Following her retirement from the Capstone College of Nursing, Dr. Awtrey continued her service to humanity as she and her husband, Al, packed their RV and traveled throughout the country helping to build churches. She continues to bring honor to the profession of nursing.