CCN Testing Policy

  • Only laptop, privacy screen, power adapter, network cable, and photo ID are allowed on the desk during testing.
  • Only one student at a time will be allowed a bathroom break.
  • Students are not to do any other computer activity prior to taking the test, during the test, or while the testing period is in progress.
  • Only technical problems will be addressed during test. No other questions will be answered.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the testing room.
  • Hats are not allowed in the testing room.
  • No ear buds may be used.
  • Students must remove watches and/or any wearable technology device during testing and place in book bag/backpack.
  • Cell phones must be placed in book bag/backpack during testing.
  • When students complete the Exit Exam they are to leave the room quietly and exit the building/immediate area. No congregating near testing area will be allowed.

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