Blossom Rogers

Recovery Support Specialist


Blossom Rogers is a Recovery Support Specialist for the Capstone College of Nursing. She is an accomplished Certified Peer Specialist as well as a Certified Recovery Support Specialist. She enjoys what she does being that she is also in recovery after having an addiction to crack cocaine for 19 years. Through many trials and tribulations she has remained clean and sober for 16 years obtaining many accomplishments. She is the author of From Under a Bridge I & II, And They Laughed and When They Laughed, a motivational speaker, as well as the owner of Tears from Under a Bridge LLC. Ms. Rogers also created the Safe Haven From Under a Bridge, which is dedicated to women and their children whose objective is to remain sober. It is a true passion for Blossom to help lead others that may suffer with addictions to overcome the battle through guidance, motivation, or simply sharing her story. She is dedicated to the fight to win the battle.