Current Research Projects and Focus Areas at the Capstone College of Nursing

Students & faculty interested in participating and/or collaborating with a research project should contact the principal investigator.


Faculty Name Project Title/Focus Area
Research Area: Technology/Informatics
Dr. Haley Townsend & Dr. Mercy Mumba Delivering SBIRT Services Using Mobit Technology to Address Substance Abuse Disorders
Chronic Disease Management or Prevention
Dr. Felecia Wood Racial Disparities in Kidney Disease and Treatment
Dr. Shameka Cody Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Strategies for Individuals with Opioid and Methamphetamine Use Disorder in Rural Alabama
Impact of Insomnia on Substance Use in People with HIV
Exploring Racial Disparities in Sleep Health and Neurocognitive Function in Older Adults with HIV
Dr. Mudasir Andrabi Physical Activity Program for Cardiac Health among Older African American Populations Living in Rural Alabama: Needs Assessment and Initial Development. Funded by National Institute on Aging and Resource Center for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR).
Dr. Mercy Mumba Substance abuse and addiction disorders; mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of individuals, communities, and populations
Social Determinants of Health, Health disparities, Minority Aging, Community Based Participatory Research, and Global Health Issues
Dr. Keri Barron Cardiovascular Disease Management and Prevention in African-Americans
Dr. Cassandra Ford Health Disparities in Rural Populations, Particularly Related to Cardiovascular Disease
Dr. Michele Montgomery & Dr. Paige Johnson Assessing Overweight and Obesity and Associated Risk Factors in Rural Preschool Children
Dr. Gwen Hooper & Dr. Ann Graves Geographical Information Systems Bivariate Mapping to Inform Prostate Cancer Prevention and Control Efforts in Alabama
Investigating the real-life experience of living with urinary incontinence and heart failure in a rural community: A case study approach
Self-management of patients with heart failure and urinary Incontinence
Health Promotion and Wellness
Dr. Abby Horton Research Focus: Mental Health, Resilience, & Wellness
Dr. Jeff Parker, Dr. Laura Hobson, Dr. Abby Horton, et al. Risk, resilience, and context: Analyzing the social adjustment and wellbeing of adolescents and families in Rural Alabama during COVID
Dr. Mudasir Andrabi A Pilot Study on Feasibility and Effectiveness of a Nursing Concept Based Yoga Program on Psychological Distress of First Semester Upper Division Nursing Students. Funded by Sigma- Epsilon Omega chapter
Brian Dickson Dissertation: Determining if there is a relationship between demographics and the use/misuse of child safety devices among fatal accidents involving children 0-14 years old
Dr. Sara Kaylor & Dr. Michael Callihan Uniontown Running Club
Dr. Michael Callihan, Dr. Sara Kaylor, Josh Gunter, Dr. Haley Townsend Access to Care and Healthcare Disparities in the Black Belt Region of Alabama
Dr. Robin Bartlett Interviews to Inform the HOPE Intervention
Primary research focus is in understanding and prevention of risky behaviors, primarily among minority youth.  Broadly she is interested in health disparities research.
Dr. Michele Montgomery & Dr. Paige Johnson Hale County Initiative – this project involves conducting health screenings in school-age children throughout the county
Dr. Michele Montgomery My research focus is health disparities, cardiovascular risk factors, and health promotion among rural and underserved populations utilizing community engagement
Dr. Teresa Welch Surviving in today’s health care environment?
Dr. Paige Johnson Longitudinal study of the Tuscaloosa Pre-K Initiative
Nursing Education/ Professional Development
Dr. Felecia Wood Assessment of Writing Self-Efficacy
Dr. Kim Wilson & Dr. Jill Hobbs use of a simulation model kit to increase skills acquisition in fundamental nursing students
Angela Collins-Yoder Nursing education with an emphasis on the identification and implementation of strategies, including emotional intelligence, that promote success among undergraduate nursing students.
Brian Dickson Students in an internship program: what are their experiences and obstacles to learn and be successful
Dr. Rebecca Owings Evidence-Based Practice Demonstration project at DCH with two professional shared governance teams for the medical ICU and trauma-surgical ICU
Dr. Rebecca Owings & Dr. Cheryl Hines curricular improvement project
Dr. Cheryl Hines To promote critical thinking among nurses and nursing students in complex situations involving pharmacotherapy
Dr. Michael Callihan, Dr. Sara Kaylor, Josh Gunter Development of a Safer Strategy for Nurses Placing a Patient in the Prone Position.
Dr. Teresa Welch Competency and Competency Development for Nursing Leadership in Rural Hospitals
Gaming strategies to improve leadership skills in professional nursing practice.
Dr. Teresa Welch & Dr. Ann Graves Historical examination of the phenomena of nursing leadership: A creative research and art project.
Dr. Betty Key, Dr. Rebecca OwingsDr. Cassandra Ford & Dr. Ann Graves Innovation and Excellence in Academic Nursing: Advancing Student Evidence-Based Practice Competency
Dr. Rebecca Owings & Dr. Ann Graves Advancing evidence-based practice competency in a community hospital: An implementation and demonstration project
Nursing Care/ Palliative Care
Dr. Megan Pfitzinger Lippe Enhancing the Provision of Palliative Care in Alabama through APRN Education and Leadership (Funded by Cambia Health Foundation)
Dr. Megan Pfitzinger Lippe & Dr. Andra Davis Development of an Instrument to Measure Nursing Students’ Knowledge of Palliative Care
Program Grants
Dr. Robin Bartlett, Bethany Hornbeck, Dr. Mercy Mumba, Dr. Michele Montgomery, Dr. Betty Key, Brandi Lester, & Dr. Paige Johnson The Health Sciences and Technology Academy- Alabama
Dr. Norma Cuellar & Dr. Michelle Cheshire Nursing Workforce Diversity Program: BAMA- Latino
Clinical Practice
Angela Collins-Yoder Quality Assurance with Drug Induced Diseases and Neuroscience Patients
Women’s Health
Dr. Haley Townsend Consultant for She’s R.E.A.D.Y., in conjunction with Selma-Air aiming to increase sexual and reproductive health in young girls in rural Alabama
ASNA: implementing menstrual hygiene education for rural residing girls in Uniontown, Alabama
CCBP: implementing menstrual hygiene and sexual/reproductive education in Uniontown, Alabama
Dr. Debra Pettit Bruns Adaption of Cuban Maternity Homes Practices to Rural Alabama
Dr. Amy Lee Creating a model for accessible and sustainable social support to improve breastfeeding outcomes in rural Alabama: A pilot study
Violence Against Women, Emergency Gynecology, Obstetric and Gynecologic Care, Family Planning