Current Research Projects and Focus Areas at the Capstone College of Nursing

Students & faculty interested in participating and/or collaborating with a research project should contact the principal investigator.

Faculty Name Project Title/Focus Area
Research Area: Technology/Informatics
Dr. Heather Carter-Templeton Nursing Informatics Competencies among MSN Students
Nursing Informatics Competencies at Three Program Levels
Simulated Clinical Experiences with Distance Graduate Students
Diffusing Nursing Research in a Nurse Residency Program via a Twitter Online Journal Club
Dr. Todd Smith My research focuses on healthcare outcomes, healthcare financing, telehealth, and leadership
Chronic Disease Management or Prevention
Dr. Michele Montgomery & Dr. Paige Johnson Assessing Overweight and Obesity and Associated Risk Factors in Rural Preschool Children
Improving Pickens County Residents’ Knowledge of Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease and Type 2 Diabetes Through Increased Access to Health Screenings and Health Education: The Pickens Health Promotion Program.
Longitudinal study of the Tuscaloosa Pre-K  Initiative
Utilizing Aliceville Public Library as a Community Change Agent: Implementation of Two Health Promotion Programs
The Health Lab: A Student-Staffed Clinic to Improve Health Literacy and Health Outcomes
Dr. Mary Ann Kelley Women Wellness Workshops for Breast Cancer Awareness
Dr. Ann Graves Comparisons of Cardiometabolic Risk between African- American and Caucasian Women in a Worksite Wellness Program
Prevalence and clustering of   cardiovascular risk factors in a worksite wellness program at a U.S. southeastern university
Reducing Cardiometabolic Risk with an iHealth  Watch in WellBAMA: A Pilot Study
Dr. Safiya George Spirituality, Stress and Social Support HIV Project
Neural Substrates of Sexual Decision-Making and Sexual Risk Behavior of Mid-Adolescent Females: Neuroimaging Pilot Study
Affordable Housing and Community Advocacy for People Living with HIV: Assessing Best Practices and Health Impact
Dr. Mercy Mumba Substance abuse and addiction disorders; mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of individuals, communities, and populations
Dr. Rachael Mumbower My research is focused on sleep in survivors of TBI and their caregivers, particularly factors that influence sleep and fatigue and the impact of sleep on social and occupational engagement
Dr. Betty KeyDr. Teresa WelchDr. Ann Graves Community Health Workers and Chronic Disease Management
Dr. Monika WedgeworthDr. Josh Eyer Behavioral Health Integration in a Nurse Practitioner Primary Care Clinic in Rural Alabama
Health Promotion and Wellness
Dr. Leslie Cole , Dr. Sara Kaylor, Dr. Melondie Carter, and Mr. Stephen Ungvary The Impact of an Employee Wellness Program on Biometric Screening Data: A Longitudinal Study
Determining the Effectiveness of the STOP-BANGING Sleep Apnea Questionnaire in Diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea in a Community Setting
Dr. Leslie Cole, Dr. Heather Carter-Templeton, Dr. Ann Graves Clustering of Major Cardiovascular Risk Factors in a Worksite Wellness Program
Dr. Ann Graves Comparisons of Cardiometabolic Risk between African- American and Caucasian Women in a Worksite Wellness Program
Access to diabetic education services in Alabama: A geographical information system analysis.
Mindful Eating:  A Path to Cardiometabolic Health for Women (MAP-CH).
Promotion of Evidence-Based Communication Strategies Focused on Health Literacy in the Advanced Nursing Practice Curriculum
Dr. Frances Hardin-Fanning Development/testing of theory-based behavioral change interventions in community settings
Nursing Education/ Professional Development
Dr. Alice March & Dr. Monika Wedgeworth Factors Affecting Undergraduate Progression and Graduation
Dr. Felicia Wood Assessment of Writing Self-Efficacy
Dr. Leigh Dickson
Dr. Haley Strickland & Dr. Michelle Cheshire Predicting Nursing Student Success:  Exploring New Variables
Dr. Cheryl Hines To promote critical thinking in critical care settings through active learning strategies and experiential learning
Dr. Sara Kaylor Assessment of Leadership Competency and Skill in Baccalaureate Nursing Students
Dr. Haley StricklandDr. Michelle CheshireDr. Melondie CarterDr. Sara Kaylor Predictors of Baccalaureate  Nursing Student Success
Dr. Michelle CheshireDr. Haley Strickland, Dr. Peter Harms, Dr. Dustin Wood, and Graham Lowman Investigating Nursing Job Search Behavior, Perceptions of Organizational Fit, and General Work Outcomes
Dr. Michelle Cheshire Emotional Intelligence a Longitudinal Study in Nursing Education
Dr. Ashley Woods & Meredith Rice Role Modeling in Simulation
Dr. Megan Pfitzinger Lippe End of Life Education within Baccalaureate Programs: A Feasibility Study Assessing Nursing Curricula
Withdrawing Care for an Unexpectedly Ill Patient: Interprofessional Simulations
Evaluating the Impact of End-of-Life Simulations on Students’ Emotional Perceptions and Perceived Competence in Caring for Dying Patients
Development of an Instrument to Measure Nursing Students’ Knowledge of Palliative Care
Preparing Students for their First Clinical Day: A Communication Simulation
Dr. Betty Key I am currently focusing on research in undergraduate nursing education and in faith-based organizations
Dr. Monika WedgeworthDr. Cassandra Ford Clinical Journaling in Mental Health Education
Dr. Rebecca Owings My area of research focuses on evaluation of programs and educational interventions which assist pre and post licensure registered nurses during their transition into the clinical work environment
Dr. Teresa Welch A Feasibility Study: Assess Knowledge. Educational Experiences, Attitudes and Practices of Unit Based Nurse Managers in Acute Care Hospital Settings Related to Cost and Cost Management
Angela Collins-Yoder Nursing education with an emphasis on the identification and implementation of strategies, including emotional intelligence, that promote success among undergraduate nursing students.
Dr. Susan Appel Polymorphisms, plasma levels of PAI-1 and genetic admixture among African-Americans
Ghrelin, PAI-1 and their associations with adipokines and obesity indices, CVD and fat mass distribution in the Jackson Heart Study
Dr. Felecia WoodDr. Ann Graves Promotion of Evidence-based Communication Strategies Focused on Health Literacy in the Advanced Nursing Practice Curriculum
Dr. Norma Cuellar All of Us Research Program in Collaboration with the National Association of Hispanic Nurses
Nursing Care/ Palliative Care
Dr. Amy Beasley Physicians attitudes towards end-of-life
Boundaries in Hospice
Disparities in palliative care in rural Alabama communities
Program Grants
Dr. Norma Cuellar & Dr. Michelle Cheshire Nursing Workforce Diversity Program: BAMA- Latino
Dr. Alice March Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students
Nurse Faculty Loan Program
Dr. Robin M. Lawson Advanced Nursing Education Workforce (ANEW) Bama-Care