Faculty practice provides faculty members with the opportunity to be engaged in their area of expertise. As leaders of exemplary, innovative, and culturally proficient faculty engagement, faculty members fulfill the mission of the UA Capstone College of Nursing’s Faculty Practice Committee. The Faculty Practice Committee strives to increase the visibility of the school of nursing by spotlighting the practice of faculty members as they practice in community agencies. Practice sites are diverse and represent the expertise and background preparation of faculty engaged in faculty practice. Faculty “spotlights” are updated multiple times annually to showcase the exceptional work of faculty practice members. Be sure to return to this webpage in the future to learn about the practice of other faculty members!


Kate McConathyKate McConathy, MSN, CRNP

Tell us about your role at CCN.

I started at CCN in January of 2020 as a clinical instructor in the adult health course.

Tell us about your faculty practice.

I work for Medical West Hospital in their outpatient Internal Medicine Clinic in Bessemer, Al. At the clinic, I work with both internal medicine and sleep medicine. I have worked there since graduating with my family nurse practitioner degree in 2015. I love the Bessemer community as I grew up in Bessemer and feel privileged to be able to give back to a community that so deeply invested in me.

What patient population do you serve?

At the Bessemer Internal Medicine Clinic, we serve a socially and economically diverse population. We treat patients 18 years old and up and often get to treat whole families. My current oldest patient is 101!

Tell us about a typical day in your faculty practice.

A typical day in the internal medicine practice includes diagnosing acute problems and following up on chronic conditions. My patient’s problems range from complaints of lacerations to a hand to decompensated congestive heart failure. On days I work for sleep medicine, my day consists of evaluating patients with sleep-related complaints and following up on device compliance.

How do you incorporate evidence-based research into your faculty practice?

I incorporate EBP by continually trying to stay up to date on current guidelines through attending nurse practitioner conferences, precepting nurse practitioner students, and continually referencing resources such as Up to Date.

What are you professional interests related to your faculty practice?

As a nurse practitioner, I have found that the biggest obstacle my patients face is non-compliance. I am passionate about breaking down the barriers that keep a patient from being compliant with their prescribed therapy. I am currently working on my Ph.D. through the joint program offered by UA and UAH. I plan to research ways to improve compliance.

What are your future plans related to faculty practice?

I hope to continue to practice for the Bessemer Internal Medicine Clinic. I would love to implement findings from my research within the Bessemer community.

What changes have you seen in your area of expertise in the last several years?

In the past several years, I have seen a push for better preventative care. Guidelines have changed, allowing for the recognition and treatment of chronic diseases and cancers faster, which decreases morbidity and mortality. Insurance companies are now pushing for annual wellness visits by providing incentives to get patients to these yearly preventative appointments. By identifying disease early, outcomes can drastically change.

How does your practice contribute to the mission of the Faculty Practice Committee and CCN?

I am passionate about providing holistic care for patients in both the internal and the sleep medicine environments to promote long term quality health. The social and economic diversity within my practice allows me to see how clinical decisions and medical compliance affects patients on a broad spectrum. By breaking down the barriers with education, I have seen significant improvement in patient morbidity/mortality. Through my role at the CCN and support from the Faculty Practice Committee, I can disseminate this valuable knowledge to colleagues and CCN students, and in turn, our community and beyond.