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Mark Merrill

Mark Merrill, DNP, CPNP-AC/PC
Clinical Assistant Professor

Tell us about your role at CCN

I currently teach undergraduate nursing fundamentals, leadership, pharmacology, and pediatrics. I really enjoy investing in and developing students in the clinical setting and helping students connect nursing theory with practice while also drawing from their previous experiences and knowledge.

Tell us about your faculty practice

I work as a pediatric nurse practitioner work with a pediatric urgent care group.

What patient population do you serve?

I serve families with clients from birth to aged 21 year.

Tell us about a typical day in your faculty practice

When working in clinic, I am usually the sole provider and treat between 30 and 50 clients. Viral illness, upper respiratory infections, allergies, rashes, and injuries top the list of common parent concerns.

How do you incorporate evidence-based research into your faculty practice?

Evidence-based practice (EBP)is the foundation of my clinical practice. I use up-to-date healthcare databases, Medical and Nursing journals, and apps to remain current.

I am interested in building teams, defining team-member roles, and promoting top-of-practice to foster team comradery, individual competence, and work-flow efficiency.

I am committed to growing my knowledge and expertise in pediatric urgent care environment.

What changes have you seen in your area of expertise in the last several years?

I suspect that most will agree that it is not surprising that urgent care throughput has increased as a result of COVID-19 and disruptions in primary care business models. In addition, telehealth has gained momentum since social distancing policies were implemented.

How does your practice contribute to the mission of the Faculty Practice Committee and CCN?

My clinical practice allows me to maintain my provider certification and skills, teach aspiring nurse practitioners, deliver cost-effective health care, lead clinical teams, and promote CCN within the community.

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